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Pharmacy Market Specialist

Maged Bebawy is a veteran in the commercial real estate and retail pharmacy market. He is both, an adviser to third parties as well as an adviser to individuals who are pharmacists and pharmacy owners. With over 10 years of helping his clients selling and buying pharmacies, He understands that the sale of a pharmacy is an incredibly important decision; one that includes a variety of personal considerations and financial implications to the pharmacy owners.

Maged Bebawy handles every step of the process involved in the sale of a Pharmacy, with integrity, professionalism and diligence. As a result of his hard-work, dedication and diligence, he has earned the loyalty and trust of sellers and buyers across the pharmacy industry, who have become his lifelong clients and friends as he consistently and continuously, places their interests ahead of his own.

Maged Bebawy’s colleagues are key pharmacy/healthcare sector participants in terms of sourcing, financing transactions, related structuring of terms and diligence required.

Maged Bebawy will bring a wealth of knowledge to your service with his experience in business sales, property sales, management, business marketing analysis and process management.